Regulating and Recognising Greenwashing: Professor Steve Brammer

Welcome to the fourth episode of The Green Uproot, where we interview a very exciting guest, Professor Steve Brammer, who joined us to discuss his research surrounding the topics of social responsibility, sustainability, brown washing, and regulating and recognising greenwashing.

Understanding and Tackling Greenwashing: Dr. Annie Snelson-Powell

Welcome to the third episode of The Green Uproot, featuring our special guest, Dr Annie Snelson-Powell, an Assistant Professor at the University of Bath. Together, we discuss the reasons behind Greenwashing, what businesses might gain by Greenwashing, and how to recognise Greenwashing in day-to-day life.

Greenwashing within the Fashion Industry: The Green Uproot

Welcome to the second episode of The Green Uproot. In this episode, we raise a conversation addressing organisational greenwashing within the fashion industry. We attempt to tackle the problem by questioning company certifications, understanding greenwashing regulations, raising awareness about the red flags that might help recognise greenwashing and suggesting ways in which we, as students, may be able to shop more sustainably

Introduction: Welcome to The Green Uproot

Welcome to the first episode of The Green Uproot, where we give you a quick explanation of what our Podcast is all about. Our mission is to use science communication to tackle the challenges of global environmental sustainability, and in particular, raise awareness about corporate Greenwashing.

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