About The Green Uproot

Hello and welcome to The Green Uproot, a new Podcast created by a group of up-and-coming Molecular Bioscientists at the University of Bath. Our intention is to raise awareness about organisations using “Greenwashing” to sell environmentally irresponsible products.

Why You Should Listen

Through The Green Uproot Podcasts, we discuss what Greenwashing is, how to recognise it, the regulations, and policies in place to combat organisations who greenwash, and what we can do to avoid financing dishonest companies. We will explore the main culprits, including the fashion, food and packaging, beauty product, and pharmaceutical industries, together with some exciting special guests.

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With experience in the field of science, learn from people who are skilled in distinguishing reputable sources.

Student Broadcasters

Support us, a group of 5 students, who are passionate about what they do, and want to influence positive change.

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Podcasts can be accessed by all, whether it's on your way to work, whilst you cook, or during your daily walk.

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The Green Uproot Team

Anna Newell

MSc Biotech Molecular Biosciences

Anna is a master’s student in Biotechnology at the University of Bath, having completed an undergraduate degree in Biochemistry. She is interested in a career in the production of small-molecule drugs such as cyclic peptides. Sustainability is something Anna grew up with, eating home grown vegetables and wearing clothes from her older cousins. She hopes that our work helps other people make more conscious sustainable choices.

Ella is a master’s student in Biotechnology at the University of Bath. She studied Chemistry for her undergraduate degree at the University of Bristol and is now enjoying applying her chemistry background to her biotechnology studies. She is particularly interested in the field of medical biotechnology. She has been actively trying to follow a more sustainable lifestyle for the last few years, so is really excited to get stuck into sharing and learning about greenwashing as part of The Green Uproot. 

Ella Sawtell

Ella Sawtell

MSc Biotech Molecular Biosciences

Katherine Camper

MSc Medical Molecular Biosciences

Katherine comes to Bath all the way from Cleveland Ohio in America. She is currently focusing on Medical Molecular Biosciences during her master's program and is excited to participate in The Green Uproot podcast, which enables her to share another one of her passions - sustainability! Katherine is excited to focus on the fashion industry especially. She loves shopping for second-hand items and has enjoyed discovering all the nearby charity shops.

Laura is a master’s student in Medical Molecular Biosciences at the University of Bath. She is primarily interested in pursuing a career in cancer research; however, she is also passionate about leading a sustainable lifestyle and has therefore been vegan for 7 years. Laura is eager to watch The Green Uproot grow to be a convenient source of information, encouraging individuals to support more environmentally conscious companies.

Laura Hall

Laura Hall

MSc Medical Molecular Biosciences

Millie Fulford

MSc Medical Molecular Biosciences

Millie is a master’s student in Medical Molecular Biosciences at the University of Bath. She is interested in pursuing a career in embryology, predominantly focusing on IVF procedures. Millie loves the idea of having a rewarding role like this in a clinical science career; however, she also wishes to keep this rewarding feeling in her everyday lifestyle. Being aware of how to lead a more sustainable lifestyle is incredibly gratifying, so Millie is hoping The Green Uproot podcasts will provide others, like herself, with the information and tools needed to lead a more environmentally conscious lifestyle.  

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