Greenwashing within the Beauty Industry

With the recent growing movement in support of environmental sustainability, there has been an increase in pressure on brands to focus marketing and branding attempts on these topics. The beauty industry has been found guilty of this, using unsubstantiated buzzwords such as ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ to convince consumers that their products are environmentally friendly. Due to no FDA-approved definition of these buzzwords, the beauty industry can exploit the lack of regulations and standards to deceive those buying their products.

Podcast Available

Understanding and Tackling Greenwashing with Dr Annie Snelson-Powell

Dr Annie Snelson-Powell, an assistant professor in Business and Society, speaks with us about her main research interest, greenwashing. She describes what the “talk-action” gap is in organisations, and from where the concept originates and goes on to define the environmental criteria used by investors to pressurise brands to abide by the regulations. Annie addresses how consumers can work towards closing the “talk-action” gap, urging us to be more curious and critical about the claims organisations make.

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