Greenwashing within the Food Industry

It is very easy for food companies and farmers to greenwash their products, selling produce as “local” when truthfully, it was grown in another country using inorganic procedures. Other mistruths occur in relation to the ingredients of a product, and the recyclability of large organizations’ packaging. Continue reading to discover the food businesses frequently using greenwashing to increase their revenue.

Podcast Available

Regulating and Recognising Greenwashing with Professor Steve Brammer

Professor Steve Brammer, the Dean of the School of Management and sustainability expert, gives us his valuable insight into the world of greenwashing. He explains the concept of decoupling and brownwashing, how businesses overcome the lenient regulations, and even provides us with habits he has adopted to live a more sustainable lifestyle, such as avoiding the consumption of meat, fish, and dairy, and not owning a car.

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